LMS Phase

We provide tournament management services from professional level , semi pro, amateur to community level. With LMS you can evaluate every match based on credible data. After match we provide Match Report, so you can evaluate your player and team properly

Match Statistics

Match Statistics is a summary of match statistics consisting of various actions on the field.


Table contains list of standings a competition (real-time)


Users can see the sequence of important events in a match

Players Info

User can see player statistics completely in a match

Match Top Stats

List of players with the best statistical record in a match


Users can see live match results on the website

Why you should use LMS?
• Professional Competition Management

With League Management System, competition will be organized professionally because it is supported by credible data

• Data statistics for evaluation

Objective data can be used as evaluation by teams and players

• Increase knowledge

Data statistics can significantly increase user's knowledge about football

• Sponsorship Potential

Data statistics can be used as content that can be sold to sponsors, for example “brand” top actions of the week, “brand” player of the match